03 March 2017

From a man making plans to a $2 billion pipeline

A public bike path cuts through Caydon’s recently completed development, Ettaro in East Brunswick. It’s a popular example of the company’s commitment to providing generous community space and local bike riders have instantly adopted this new thoroughfare. To help them make the most of it, Caydon stepped in to organise the installation of traffic lights on Brunswick Road. Now all bike riders can easily cross the busy thoroughfare and join the 30km Capital City trail.

Caydon’s vision is to create places that will continue to benefit those who live within them and the community that surrounds them.

It’s why measures to assist the bike riders were put in place after the development was completed. Caydon doesn’t simply walk away. Initial project concepts always include long terms plans and Ettaro is a great example of a development instantly absorbed into its surroundings, and embraced by the community.

East Brunswick is not far from the suburb of Northcote where, fifteen years ago the company began operations in a small office in the back of a building. Joe Russo, Caydon’s Principal has since created a development company with several multi-million dollar completed projects and $2 billion in the pipeline.

The first 15 years were marked by continuing evolution, the most dramatic being from a project builder to a property developer. Trilogi, a 323 apartment project in Prahran was the first development Caydon outsourced to a builder, realising letting go of the construction side of the business would free the business to take on bigger developments.

One of these is S.T.K, now the tallest building in Melbourne’s legendary St Kilda and within the company, a powerful example of what’s possible. It was 12 months exactly from the acquisition of the site to ‘turning dirt’. This quite remarkable time frame continued throughout construction and S.T.K was completed in 2016, delivered on time and on budget.  Most importantly it’s now a St Kilda landmark that continues to be highly thought of by those who live there and the surrounding community.

Caydon has always delivered as promised on every site purchased. This is a point of honour within the company and not a common achievement in the industry.

As a privately owned organisation it is flexible and able to react quickly to opportunities that arise. Several of these opportunities have recently opened up in the US and Caydon has purchased a large site in Houston, Texas with plans to expand operations into Seattle, Washington.

In Australia, the biggest project Caydon has undertaken has commenced construction. The Mason Sq precinct in Moonee Ponds will occupy the site of the former market car park transforming this older inner city suburb. Rapid sales of the first stage to predominantly owner occupiers show this ambitious project was as visionary as it is daunting.

The shared residents’ spaces within the Mason Sq precinct set a new standard in amenities as Caydon continues to explore the services that will contribute to the way people want to live now and in the future.

Just as the new lights in Brunswick Rd symbolise Caydon’s determination to live up to its promises, the evolution of project into precinct reveals the intention to keep progressing as a company and a brand. Caydon’s ambitious objectives will set the standard for creative living and recreational spaces now and for all the years to come.