26 August 2016

Caydon Monogram: Custom Design Your Apartment

There are many reasons to move into a new apartment but getting used to the available space does demand a re-think about the way you like to live.

It hasn’t been possible to re-configure your apartment’s design to fit with your way of life, even when you’re buying off the plan. So, if you enjoy playing your grand piano every day, it could be an awkward transition.

Until now.

Caydon has recently developed a breakthrough service that allows you to create the apartment design you need. We’ve called it Caydon Monogram because this is the opportunity to design something that’s exclusively yours.

Caydon is very fortunate to have the services of an in-house, highly qualified international design team and clients can access their skills to reconfigure a Caydon apartment to exactly suit their requirements.

Giuditta De Santis leads Caydon’s in house design and documentation team. Her 10 years of local and international experience as well as a Masters in Architecture (First Class Honours) has provided her with a comprehensive knowledge of the design industry.

Dimitris Stefanidis is a qualified architect with over ten years of local and European experience in the design of commercial, residential and hospitality spaces. His keen design sensibility, resourcefulness and technical expertise have enabled him to creatively design and effectively manage many high end interior design projects.

Whatever your specific requirements, Giuditta and Dimitris will work with you to develop your unique plans.

For example, you might want the space of a three bedroom apartment but not the extra bedroom. Now you can add that extra space into the living room. Or, as one client has recently requested, turn the extra bathroom into a butler’s pantry.

One trend that has gained a lot of traction over the last few years is to purchase two apartments and turn them into one. In some cases you can end up with more floor space than a freestanding home. Reconfiguring your apartment makes sense on many levels. Many people, especially empty-nesters, are looking for larger apartments and it makes sense as an investment. When it comes time to sell, a larger apartment will always command a premium price.

Whichever way you wish to go, you can now make your living space fit your life.

With Monogram, Caydon has created a unique service that will change the way apartments are built and marketed in Melbourne.