26 July 2016

My Kickstart: A Testimonial from Zoe Galea

Zoe Galea has a busy career between balancing holidays, shopping and a new car she found it hard to save for a home of her own.

“I just didn’t make it a priority”, she said, “I honestly didn’t think it could ever happen for me.”

Zoe’s journey to her first apartment began when her mother found the Caydon Kickstart material and handed it over to her daughter saying ‘I think you could do this’. Zoe agreed even though she hadn’t, in her own words ‘ever been the best saver’.

Now everything has changed.

“Kickstart was the beginning of it all for me. I now look at it as forced savings”, she said, “and to be honest, I’m enjoying watching that money grow. I don’t notice it. It’s $594 a month, a few less nights out with friends, fewer shopping trips. It’s easier than I imagined.”

The Caydon Kickstart program offers first homebuyers the opportunity to save the deposit on a new apartment by combining a contribution of up to $20,000 from Caydon with the First Home Owners Grant. A savings plan of around $15 a day for 30 months based on an apartment price of $350,500 is part of the program.

Kickstart will get Zoe into an apartment in Hall St – right across the road from where she gets her nails done “I love Moonee Ponds” she declared.

Zoe enjoys telling people she’s buying a new apartment. “I get such a high from saying that”. She admits her mother stood over her while she signed the papers but now she feels it’s the best thing she could have done.

When asked if Kickstart had been a great opportunity she replied, “this is huge for me, it’s better than great. It’s huge.”