02 June 2016

Can Your Home Make You Happy?

It is well documented that where we live and how we live has an extraordinary effect on how we feel. Here are some special factors that contribute to our wellbeing, in and outside our home.

1. Let the light in

There’s lots of research proving the importance of natural light in our lives and why we should welcome it into our homes. Light is beneficial to our immune systems, boosts our vitamin D intake and just generally increases the brightness in our lives. Windows that let the light in and an opportunity to stroll in sunlit local parks and gardens are fundamental to our health and wellbeing.

2. Breathe deeply

Fresh air is essential to our health. It is good for our digestion, improves blood pressure and heart rate and strengthens our immune system. When we spend the majority of our time in air conditioning our bodies are living on stale air. We need to get out and breathe in that healthy oxygen on a regular basis.

When choosing an apartment, make sure the exhausts are designed to expel air, not recirculate it. And naturally you’ll want windows and sliding doors that open.

3. Feel safe

Psychological wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing and living in an environment with effective, built in security adds to overall positivity. We’re not suggesting you live in a fortress but knowing the latest security technology is at work can help with peace of mind.

4. Fit for anything

Easy access to a gym, a swimming pool and established running or bike tracks supports our vitality and physical fitness. We all know how crucial that is to our wellbeing. Every step we take can help build fitness so if you’re living close to the shops, transport, parks and gardens or work you’re well on your way to the happiness physical health can bring.

5. The pitter-patter of paws

Companions offer so many emotional benefits that we haven’t got room to list them. A study at Cambridge University found that owning a pet produced improvements in general health in as little as one month. Caydon welcomes small pets in our developments but not all developers do – so that’s one more thing to check before buying a property.

The Caydon Guide to Building Wellbeing

Caydon has always understood the importance of happiness and wellbeing and aim for the design and construction of every Caydon development to raise our resident’s satisfaction to a new level.