30 March 2016

Behind The Scenes Of Our Ivanhoe Apartments Video

Caydon assigned SO Productions to create our video campaign for the launch of Ivanhoe Apartments. An interview with Andrew Coyle, Executive Director.

SO Productions is a film production house that has developed promotional films for Europe, North America and Asian markets. When Caydon approached us to develop a brand film for Ivanhoe Apartments, we immediately drew inspiration from the design, it truly was a work of art. The position of the building has a strong affinity with the natural environment and that became our starting point for the film.

Although Ivanhoe is close to the CBD, it can feel like another world. It has wonderful contradictions within itself – glamorous, sleek mansions and expansive, untamed bushland. Complete with galleries and boutiques, we came to think of it as a tourist destination – where one can easily loose themselves in the moment.

The natural landscapes and the river provided wide scope for inspiration with reference to the auteur Terrence Malick, and a nod to magical realism and fables (seeing as it was a tower nestled amongst the clouds), we developed the story of the Ivanhoe woman. She’s strong, self assured, at peace with herself. She is beholden to no one. She lives two lives – her high flying corporate city life, and her retreat in her home. It’s true that Caydon are innovative but they are also extremely creative with their developments and as filmmakers we love that.

Andrew Coyle
Executive Director
SO Productions