30 March 2016

Artisans Of Cremorne


Paul Hyland is a plants man and even a short conversation reveals his extraordinary level of enthusiasm and expertise. He has over 20 years experience as a grower and nurseryman, grabbing hold of this industry at 13 years old and never letting go. Settled into a street with a definite commercial, industrial appeal the Glasshaus Inside warehouse is a jungle of extraordinary, beautiful plant life. Paul describes the interior of Glasshaus Inside as having a slightly European feel. The building, which is over 100 years old, has been stripped back to its original appearance with lots of natural light enhancing its beautiful characteristics. “It’s timeless, not overworked and provides a nice backdrop to whatever is going on” he advised.


Fabia Pryor is the co-ordinator of the Textile and Fashion Hub located in the Kangan Institute in partnership with the Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia. She is excited by the opportunities opening up for the industry as the new skills are developed and sustained. Fabia believes the ‘changing of the guard’ in Cremorne from large, old industry to the modern focus on micro industry is an ‘energising’ redevelopment of the area. “It’s an exciting time in our sector largely because of the presence of clever, nimble and energetic start ups. They are starting to find their niche and we are helping them with that.” she said.

Caydon’s exciting new development The Malt District will be surrounded by the vibrant artisan community, the movers and the makers of Cremorne.


Hans van Schoonhoven and his wife Ursula manufacture and import custom made furniture in the Dutch, Northern European style and are the exclusive Australian suppliers of the homewares brand HK Living. Their presence in Cremorne has expanded from one warehouse into two and shows no signs of slowing down. They also supply items to the art directors, stylists and photographers who work in the area. Hans is strong on the making and logistics and Ursula, the aesthetics. Together they have created a very successful business and Hans is positive the Malt District will bring more of the same to the area. “It’s good to add new energy, he said, ‘everything needs to grow and develop.”


Named as Melbourne’s Best Café in the Age Good Café Guide of 2014, Top Paddock fulfils the most desired café experience. It’s popularity proves consistently good and inventive food can find a dedicated following. Top Paddock, run by Nathan Toleman, is fuelled by two Synesso coffee-making machines and the flurry of barista activity it takes to bring thousands of coffees a day to the table. The cafe is recognised as taking food as seriously as any hatted restaurant, expressing their farm to plate philosophy in every dish. The owners have sourced a beautiful location with plenty of natural light and greenery and the openness is amplified by multiple entrances, skylights and covetable lighting fixtures.